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La colo

Ok, ok, she did it.
missfolledingue dit it.
Thank you, sweetie ^^'
So... Yeah, I went back to fanfiction.net, and I read the beginning of it. La colo. By Arcadiane. Who's great, of course.
Thank you Titef. Grrr.
So... All that crap to actually say: read it! It's great!

And, well, I finished watching Dawson. And I'm like, absolutly mad at the world. How could they do that?? ><
(Yeah, I love Dawson. Screw you ^^).
So, now, I don't have much to do... (ok, 30 episodes of Desperate Housewives, but that's it). Az? ^^'

Aaaah, Pacey! (l)

Hum, I'm going now.


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03 avr 2007 12:12 (UTC)
Totally fucked up. (sorry, it means nothing, I just wanted to say that, and now)
You finished Dawson? Aw, sweetie, I know it's hard to end a serie... *hugs and kisses*
And I am not ashamed for Desperate. Really not.
Pacey is great. Especially in Sex Intentions. ^^
I just read the first chapter of La colo. Because I'm more into the Sirius/Severus than Remus/... But it's Arcadiane, so, yeah, I think I'll read, eventually.
03 avr 2007 14:12 (UTC)
Totally f***ed up is not a bad movie, by the way. Since it's Greg Araki and has James Duval in it... But it's not as good as Nowhere, anyway.
Yeah, and not only finishing a serie is hard, but I hate drama >< so finishing this one was particularly hard. (I need to watch Cruel Intentions ('Sexe Intentions' is the french title) another time!!)
Yeah, I don't care too much about the pairing, if Severus is in her fic, it's great, because I love how she depicts him. And Sirius too, of course, but eh, can't allways get what you want. ^^
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